ASIP Designer Hackathon

A hackathon organized by neuroTUM in collaboration with the
Chair of AI Processor Design

Imagine crafting a custom CPU tailored for AI applications - it's an engineer's dream! This vision can become your reality at our upcoming ASIP (Application Specific Instruction-Set Processor) Designer Hackathon.  In an exclusive partnership with the Chair of AI Processor Design, Prof. Amrouch, and sponsored by Synopsys, as well as the CIT School: Informatics, MSNE, and Electrical Engineering, neuroTUM is proud to host a groundbreaking 4-day event dedicated to the art of CPU architecture!
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The event will take place from the 21st to 24th of May.


Garching Forschungzentrum - Exact Location wll be provided after the application phase

Topics and demonstrators:

Topics will be published some time before the hackathon so that you can get familiar with them. Then the specific approach will be defined in the Hackathon itself.
The hackathon will be a 4-day hackathon where we work mostly during the day. We will have support from Synopsys online and some people who are familiar with the ASIP Designer will be there to support you.
During the first day, we will focus on getting familiar with the tools and algorithms. Then you will be able to work on your idea for accelerating the corresponding ML algorithms.

—  Master the customization of RISC-V CPUs.
—  Accelerate brain-inspired machine learning algorithms for real-world applications.
—  Present your work to the heads of Synopsys.
—  Network with peers from different engineering fields.


Enjoy meals and refreshments, courtesy of our sponsors.


In order to participate in the event you must fill the application and the organizers of the event will give the spots according the requirements specified (we are taking 25 participants).


Engage in a friendly competition where you can put your skills to the test. Exceptional designs will earn not only recognition but also potential opportunities with leading tech organizations.
This is more than a hackathon; it's a chance to leave your mark on the AI landscape. We're not just building CPUs; we're setting the pace for the future of neuromorphic computing. Let's innovate together!


1xFPGA for every member of the winning team

Deadlines and Details

— Application will close on the 5th of April

— There will be 25 slots for the Hackathon

— You will hear from us by the 7th of April


— Knowledge on computer architecture

— Programming Knowledge of C/C++

Commitment to prepare for the Hackathon and interest in Brain Inspired Computing

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