Brain Computer Interface

What we do

Our team works on designing and implementing a brain-computer interface to participate at the ETH Cybathlon 2024. This includes designing experiments to collect EEG data and provide feedback to the pilot, process the neuronal signals and classify the signals with state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms.

~ Pilot - Member who is going to use the BCI to compete in the ETH Cybathlon competition ~
~ All mentioned degrees and titles are currently being pursued by the specific members ~

Board Member

Isabel Whiteley Tscherniak

B.Sc. Electrical Engineering

Board Member

Iustin Curcean

M.Sc. Informatik


Leon Jokinen

Medical Student

Thomas Huber

M.Sc. Robotics and Cognitive Intelligence

Ana McWhinnie Fernández

M.Sc. Neuroengineering M.Sc. Neuroscience

Karolina Pardo

B.Sc. Molecular Biotechnology

Mohamad Marwan Sidani

M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics

Lucas Mateus Castro

M.Sc. Informatik

Delfina Luisa Taskin Espinoza

PhD in Resilient Cognitive Systems

Jens von Greiff

B.Sc. Electrical Engineering

Sadat Hodzic

Medical Student

Luca-Dumitru Drindea

B.Sc. Informatics

Daniel Pavlov

B.Sc. Informatics

Levi Frim

B.Sc. Informatics

Niels Thiemann

B.Sc. Electrical Engineering

Manuel Methasani

B.Sc. Informatics

Yara Abdul Maked


Thien Li

M.Sc Neuroengineering

Flaminia Palotti

M.Sc. Neuroengineering


Loïc Stratil

PhD in Vehicle Tracking and Prediction

Pablo Crespo

M.Sc. Biomedical Computing

Raul Adell Segarra

M.Sc. Applied Mathematics

Federico Feroggio

M.Sc. Mathematics in Science and Engineering


George Al Boustani

Associate Professorship of Neuroelectronics


Nicolas Berberich

Institute for Cognitive Systems


Leon Gebhard

M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering PhD Track